Sophia s hunger belly expansion by ftd23-dafwihq

What if the hungrier someone is, the larger their belly becomes. So if a character is very hungry, their belly would be very large. Basically it's belly growth from hunger.

Scenario: Sophia and Espeon

Sophia: *stomach rumbles*

Espeon: *looks at Sophia’s flat stomach* How’s your stomach feeling Sophia? Hungry?

Sophia: *nods* Just a little...*stomach growls and inflates a bit*

Espeon: Be careful. Getting too hungry could mean a big, swollen tummy..,

Sophia: *rubs her grumbling belly as it grows more* I’m fine.

Espeon: I don’t think so. Your stomach looks bigger already.

Sophia: My tummy can’t grow because of hunger, that’s impossible...Is it? *stomach rumbles and gurgles, swelling a little more*

Espeon: It’s possible. *rubs her belly, feeling it bubble* It’s really brewing in there...

Sophia: *hiccups and her belly swells out more, visibly gurgling* Could you get me some food...? I’m so hungry...*belly grows and stretches with each noise, getting bigger by the minute*

Espeon: Sure! *runs to get something*

Sophia: *has a huge, swollen belly that’s growling like crazy* I’m so hungry...*rubs her bloated middle* My tummy keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I don’t have any-*GRRR!* F-Food...

Espeon: I’m back with food! *finds her* Oh boy...